2021 Fall and Christmas Outdoor Sessions!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Here's what many of you have been waiting for, the dates for outdoor Fall and Christmas outdoor family sessions!

A few things to consider when booking:

  • These are ALL of the weekend dates I have set aside for family sessions from the end of Sept through mid December so if you'd like to schedule for Fall or Christmas family sessions please see the options below!

  • Please consider naps, daylight savings (Nov 7), late events the night before, and even home USC football games for the hubby when scheduling. Ha all things that can make for grumpy moods ;)


*I do reserve the right to move evening sessions up 30-45min if it's very overcast

Saturday September 25th

Creek/pond location. TBD.

5:45 PM Chetna P

6:15 PM Megan C

6:45 PM Claiborne P

Sunday September 26th

Creek/pond location. TBD.

8:00 AM Megan G

8:30 AM Bridget S

9:00 AM Bayne D

Peak Bridge

5:15 PM Kimberly A

5:45 PM Kendall

6:15 PM Ashlyn L

6:45 PM Kelsey M

Saturday October 2nd

Peak Bridge- Pomaria.

5:00 PM Heather W

5:30 PM Shannon H

6:00 PM Tj W

6:30 PM Katie H

Sunday October 3rd

Palmetto Collegiate Institute

8:00 AM Katy H

8:30 AM Marti P

9:00 AM Lindsay McC

Peak Bridge- Pomaria.

5:00 PM Aimee C

5:30 PM Bonnie L

6:00 PM Rebecca D

6:30 PM Elyssa F

Wednesday, October 6th-

Guinyard Park- Cayce

5:45 PM Leigh O

6:15 PM Terenda B

Wednesday, October 13th-

Riverfront Park- Columbia

5:45 PM Katelin W

6:15 PM Janelle S

Saturday October 23rd

Cedar Ridge Farm

5:30 PM Lauren S

6:00 PM Jennifer P

6:30 PM Katie D

Sunday October 24th

Creek/pond location. TBD.

8:00 AM Shirra C

8:30 AM Jessica C

9:00 AM Elizabeth M

Vintage John Deere Tractor

5:30 PM Carol R

6:00 PM Claudia R

6:30 PM Nina P

November 6th

Christmas Tree Farm in Lexington with Red Vintage Truck.

8:15 AM Courtney S

8:45 AM Julie B

9:15 AM Elizabeth P

November 7th

Christmas Tree Farm in Lexington with Red Vintage Truck.

8:15 AM Amy R

8:45 AM Christina D

9:15 AM Gracy R-H

November 14th

Christmas Tree Farm in Lexington- No truck

3:30 PM Jenna J

4:00 PM Lauren D

4:30 PM Kristen N

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