About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Katie and I’m an Ohio-born girl who’s made my home in the South along with my wonderful hubby, our twin girls and two pups.  And I'll add that it's been 13 years and I STILL haven't gotten used to the Summers here! When I’m not working with you lovely people I love to hit the pool or craft with my little ladies or take the rare chance to visit a local brewery with my husband and friends. I love to read and recently discovered the wonderful world of Podcasts, so let me know if you've found a great one! 

As far as photography, let me tell you that it’s a dream to pursue it professionally. There's nothing better than seeing the joy that a portrait can bring to a parent, and I work REALLY hard to earn that reaction every session I come across. Parents often say  "wow, you are SO PATIENT" because it's important to me run the session with a laid back approach, after all we are working with tiny humans who have their own agenda, so it's all about making them feel comfortable and excited to participate. It's also all about the tickles, endless Baby Shark, and fake sneezes....Anything to get them to smile, there's no shame here!


I'm really fortunate to have a beautiful studio on a piece of land here in Lexington. Over the years I've gathered a huge selection of backdrops, accessories, and props to fill it up, since putting together new setups and prop combinations to make your session unique is so fun for me! I love what I do, and I hope you’ll give me the chance to show you!