Studio Christmas Mini Sessions! - (These are kids only)

Now that Halloween is over it's time for Christmas, right? Nahhh, we won't skip Thanksgiving but it IS time for Christmas Minis so that you'll have plenty of time to get those cards made! I'm getting the info out later than I have in the past because I've been just plain busier than I expected with our family moving (just 10 minutes away) and all the typical crazy of Fall family picture season. I thought I was going to have to cancel these all together but I had enough people ask me about them we're going to make it work since I know some count on these each year, even if it's just a few spots! Here's the info:

-November 14th at my studio in Lexington.

-These are for kids only.

-Masks for anyone over 10 are required in the studio (including/especially me). If a kiddo over 10 is being photographed of course they can remove it for the photos! It's not a perfect system but we're doing the best we can.

-Props will be wiped down/Lysol sprayed in between sessions. I'll have plenty of decor but the props kids hold will be at a minimum this year because Covid (boo, I know!).

- Cost is $165 for the 20 minute session, 10 images included. Option to purchase more available!

-Two Backdrop Options, one is outside of a Toy Shop (working on getting a sample of that one), the other is white, black, and red (pictured to the right, plus some background props).

Here's what I've got available on Nov 14:

Time Slots:

9:00am- Heather W.

9:30am- Katy H.


10:30am- Marti P

11:00am- Shaun O



Since we're less than two weeks away, sign ups start now! Text me at 803-743-7189 when you're ready to book or text/call if you have questions!



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